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Atlantic salmon are known as the "king of freshwater gamefish," an appropriate title for many reasons. Being an anadromous fish they make a tremendous journey during their lifetime, migrating from the fresh water streams of their birth to feeding grounds in the north Atlantic Ocean and back again to spawn. They are powerful too, among the greatest fighters in the fly fishing world. And perhaps most important of all, Atlantic salmon are a symbol of clean, healthy rivers that run wild to the sea.


Salmon Fishing licenses and regulations

All Nova Scotia waters are open to the general public, with no private water. As well, fishing guides are not mandatory, however, you can certainly increase you chances of success by hiring an experienced guide and being on the river with someone who possesses intimate knowledge of the river and the fish!

All scheduled Atlantic Salmon rivers in the province of Nova Scotia require a salmon license to fish.

The cost for a one day non-resident Salmon license is $30.00.

A 7 day non resident license is $63.65. ( Margaree River)

Since the Cheticamp River is within the National Park, a Park salmon license is required to fish the river at a cost of approximately $36 for the season, resident or non-resident. You do not need a provincial salmon license to fish the Cheticamp River.

We practice live release of all Atlantic Salmon!

Our fly fishing season

Our fly fishing season for Atlantic Salmon is from June 1st to October 31st and provides exciting angling opportunities throughout the whole season with better or excellent fishing to be had when water levels and weather conditions are favorable. The average size salmon entering our rivers is 8 - 12 lbs. and we also have a summer run of grilse (3-5 lbs.) mixed in. As well, there is also a smaller percentage of repeat spawners reaching upwards to 20 and 30 lbs.

The summer and fall fishing season is similar to the typical freshwater fly-fishing that is practiced throughout the world. As well, all of our fishing is done by wading the rivers, or streamside, normally using floating lines and a variety of traditional and modern Atlantic Salmon wet and dry fly patterns. Nothing equals the adrenaline rush of seeing an Atlantic Salmon rising to break the surface to engulf a dry fly!

We usually fish with 9-10 ft. one handed flyrods, using 8-9 wt. floating lines during normal conditions most of the season and also fish with two handed switch and spey rods, especially during higher water periods. 

Our rivers

In our immediate area, we have the world famous Margaree River that has attracted much attention and hosted anglers from all over the world for many decades! 


As well, we have the Cheticamp River which is a smaller wilderness type stream within Cape Breton Highlands National Park that can produce well, especially during spate conditions throughout the season. You need a separate fishing license to fish within the National Park.

The fall season can see Atlantic Salmon entering other streams in our area, the Middle River being one. The Baddeck and North Rivers are at times also worthy of a visit!

Robert Chiasson - Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Guide - Margaree River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


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